The Disappearance

Everything in ex-Marine Sean O’Connell’s life changes in an instant when an unspeakable evil enters a small and secluded Midwestern cottage town during the 4th of July holiday and snatches his wife and son, along with the other residents of the town. This mass disappearance occurs under the guise of a terrorist attack on American soil, and Sean, the lone “survivor,” finds himself on the run trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together, desperate in his search to find his family. His only allies are a cryptic treatise written nearly 60 years ago by his friend and mentor, Dr. Albert Rosenstein, a beautiful but deadly assassin named Sloan, and his childhood friend, Sergeant Jonathan Kaley, who has his own strange connection to the mass disappearance. The treatise, which suggests the actual capture of extraterrestrials by the American government, ominously forecasts mankind’s chance of survival in the event of a global invasion by these superior beings.


The Revelations

As Sean digs to the heart of this conspiracy, he learns that a ruthless and clandestine group of Americans known as the Foundation, whose members occupy positions within the highest echelons of the United States government and defense industry, has known for decades the existence of extraterrestrials and their secret history on the planet, a detailed history dating back to the years in the wake of World War II. Since then, the Foundation has studied them, collaborated with them, and now is intent on destroying them. Sean discovers that a horrific episode from his past that led to his dismissal from the Marines stemmed from his own incredible encounter with these creatures. In a penultimate revelation, Sean learns of their pervasive existence within human society and their potential plans for a catastrophic invasion. The final, shocking secret is delivered by Dr. Rosenstein, who reveals a deeper connection to Sean than he could have possibly imagined, and which, ultimately, contributed to his family’s disappearance and their lives subsequently hanging in the balance. Sloan leads Sean to an Air Force base that is the Foundation’s epicenter of extraterrestrial study and research, where they will attempt a daring rescue of his family. Dr. Rosenstein, meanwhile, aided by a rogue extraterrestrial named Sebastian, will sacrifice everything to protect his protégé’s family. As the moment approaches for a climactic meeting outside of the Air Force base between the Foundation and this dangerous threat, the stakes are nothing less than humanity’s continued existence, and the result of which will determine whether there is a future for any of us.


The Resistance

The invasion was swift, relentless, and brutal in its totality, and in its aftermath, the human race is left teetering on the brink of extinction. The onslaught annihilated the military forces of the world and obliterated each and every sovereign nation occupying the planet. Nothing and no one withstood a chance in the face of the merciless and uncompromising aggressors. The professional soldiers, warriors, and mercenaries of the world fought bravely and courageously, but it was all for naught. The planet’s infrastructure has been decimated, precious works of art and timeless pieces of literature have been vaporized in the blink of an eye, and mankind’s historic monuments and breathtaking towers of technological progress have been toppled. In a post-invasion world, human beings have been relegated to the outermost edges of the planet, their numbers few and their prospects dim. Roving patrols of “death squads” scour the earth, seeking human survivors for sport to hunt and subsequently kill. When it seemed that no one would be willing to expel the invaders and reclaim the planet on behalf of humanity, when it seemed no one could possibly rescue mankind from the bottomless chasm of obliteration where its light would be extinguished forever, one man stepped in to fill the void. Finally, at long last, a resistance has formed.

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