Mission Statement

The Fallen Race Trilogy is a story for those who love a stellar conspiracy, especially one that is true. It is for those who naturally and inherently distrust what they are being told and taught, what the history books claim and what the “authorities” say. It is a convergence of history, science, and technology, a genre blending of action, thriller, science fiction, and horror. It is a story where human beings are routinely used like mice in a lab, experimented on in the interests of the greater good. It is for those who believe that there are people, unseen and cloaked in the shadows, who actually pull the levers of power, not politicians, or law enforcement, or the military, or judges, or even heads of state. This “cabal” supposedly acts on our behalf and decides what is in our best interests, even if that entails sacrifices by those who are unwitting and innocent. This is a story that ultimately begins in the wake of World War II and the start of the Cold War, but whose roots extend hundreds and even thousands of years before that.

This is a story of dark family secrets, of lies and betrayal. This is a story for those who have become jaded with the institutions we are raised to always trust and believe in – the military, the government, and even our own families. It is an examination on leadership and the providing of hope even in the face of what appear to be insurmountable odds. The trilogy is about aliens and their pervasiveness on Earth, a fantastical topic to be sure, but one I try to ground in reality, on the possibility of such an event occurring. While this is a story about extraterrestrials, it is as much a story about humanity’s reaction to them, and subsequently to each other. Influenced by the likes of The X-Files, the Aliens saga (including Prometheus), War of the Worlds, The Thing, Predator, Cloverfield, Dark City, Signs, A Quiet Place, Super 8, and Contact, The Fallen Race Trilogy wants you to believe that we may not be alone, that we may be in grave danger, not just from visitors far, far away, but from each other.